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Patrick Collins

Patrick Collins

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We've been here a while.

Originally founded to support a web-based patient and physician management solution, we quickly developed into a first round .NET development house. As we tackled more projects and refined our processes, we soon had the foundation for a web-based people management tool. We built upon this foundation to accommodate any solution that required processing, managing and interacting with people. This led to projects involving event registration, student management, and partner channel tools.

With this foundation in place, we expanded our products to give our customers a quick-to-market option for their ideas and solutions. With our model, platform, and language flexibility we began to attract customers with urgent timelines and high priority "proof of concept" launches. With Xcarab, they fulfilled their need for more than just a "Code for Hire" house. We offered them a partnership someone to manage the technology so they could manage the business.

Today we have great relationships with customers from many different industries, each with unique problems and ideas, and each with unique solutions. We test our experience every day. We learn new ways to think of things because our customers trust us and allow us to be part of their team. These relationships are important to us. We work hard to maintain them and look for ways to promote everyone's success. We have channeled our experience and skill to become a comprehensive technology provider and we want to be a collaborative part of your team.

Our Approach

You're part of the team.

Customers are always asking "how will you get our project done?" and "what is your approach? In truth, it very often has to do with intangibles like our flexibility and desire to make the customer successful, but a decent methodology doesn't hurt.

We are inspired by the Agile Development approach. Agile is a term that gets tossed around quite a bit, but at its core, Agile Development is based on 4 key principals.

  1. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  2. Working software over comprehensive documentation
  3. Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  4. Responding to change over following a plan

Guided by these principals, we take a straight forward approach to each project. We enjoy the client collaboration and try to blend the steps into a conversation with the client. It is important to make sure your voice is heard and understood when it comes to your online presence.

  1. Build the Team
    We start each project by putting together the team of individuals both from the client side and ours. Not just the decision makers per se, but also those people who will be using what it is we are building.
  2. Define User Stories
    The team gets together and simply talks about what they want the application to do. We talk about things from nuts and bolts all the way to blue sky, but it's our skill in listening that gets us narrowed down to the bits of work we call "User Stories".
  3. Iterative Cycles and Review
    We strive to deliver working software every 1-2 weeks. We take the User Stories and get them done and into the client's hands to continue the converstaion.
  4. Acceptance Test
    It doesn't work until the client says it works. Sometimes acceptance is an automated script running on some server somewhere, sometimes it is "The Demo" in front of the CEO and board members. In either case, Acceptance is defined by the client.
  5. Repeat.
    Now that the loop is in place we go back to more User Stories and do the whole thing over again.

Our Affiliates

We believe folks should own their relationship with their provider, we want our clients to be with us because they love us not because we own their domain or their gateway account. Your domain, your merchant account, and your site are part of your business they should be yours to control.

Go Daddy Domains

Go Daddy has been offering the latest TLDs (Top Level Domain) at the industry's lowest prices since 1997. At Go Daddy, you can register a domain for up to 70% less than other registrars plus they have a number of other tools and services avaialble for small and medium businesses.



Constant Contact Email marketing and Surveys

When we operate in the small business space we learn a lot about the services and tools our clients are using. Constant contact has proven to be the most popular choice for email marketing and even surveys.



Authorize.Net for your Online Payment Gateway

While we work with a number of different payment gateways we always recommend Authorize.Net. As developers the tools and interfaces they have provide us the opportunity to deliver complete solutions based on what the client needs.