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Website vs. Social Media - Why Integrate The Two

In the last few years, social media has taken the world by storm and it only makes sense that a once personal networking outlet has made its way into the business sector. That being said, as global brands saw huge success using social media as a way to further connect with their customers, small and medium sized businesses hopped on board. However, social media profiles are most effective when combined with a single branding message that begins with a branded website. Xcarab has been building custom websites branded for each business for over 12 years and we pride ourselves in anticipating ways to further connect with customers.

Your website is where you have the most control over your brand messaging and in most cases, it is where businesses experience the most conversion to sales.  In an article written by digital marketing specialist Anton Koekemoer, he writes, “In my opinion, any business not taking advantage of a website and a blog is making it very difficult to convert their social media engagement into a tangible transaction and therefore experiencing only limited success.”  Therefore, in todays environment of sensory overload, businesses cannot afford to simply focus on social media and ignore their website and visa versa. 

Another, often forgotten, element of utilizing social media content in your website is for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With constant changes in Bing and Google’s search algorithm, social signals are heavily weighed in determining search results.

To maximize success, businesses must not only participate but integrate social media with their website to help drive transactions and connect with their customer base. Here at Xcarab we help businesses bring conversations back to their websites to not only connect with their community but also leverage user generated content.